60 seconds with Rodrigo Roveratti, Design Director, La Luz Lighting Design

Rodrigo Roveratti
Rodrigo Roveratti

Rodrigo Roveratti will be speaking at Windows, Doors and Facades Event this September. He shared with us some insight on the top trends in the facades lighting. He is the Design Director at Luz Lighting Design and will be talking on Adding value to the project through facade lighting at the Facade Seminar Series.

According to you, what are today’s top 3 trends in Façade lighting?

1. Today most definitely, one of the biggest trend in architectural lighting, is to use the most advanced technology to provide a dynamic lighting scheme approach for the project that reflects the frenetic time that we live in today. Sometimes I do feel we are living in "blade runner" times with media screens integrated into the building's facades, it is just missing the flying cars.
2. The use, mix, composition and synchronization of different tones of white, from 1800K up to 6000K still going strong in multiple projects around the globe.
3. The use of color mixing never goes away. Fortunately many talented lighting designers are using tastefully to enhance the architecture during the dark hours.   

What changes have you witnessed for façade lighting in the last decade?

If you compare to what we had 15, even 10 years ago today is a totally different game. The technology implemented into the lighting fixtures have been improved substantially over the past decade and it became much more exciting to work with lighting now. LED's lamps and lighting control came as a good answer towards sustainability. Also many clients are requesting on their projects to have the LEED certification or ESTIDAMA that works in line with a sustainable future.

What are the major don’ts that you see in the region with regards to façade lighting?

Major DON’Ts are the abusive waste of energy along with aleatory lighting designs that are not in line with the buildings’ architecture. These issues come often as a result of some global lighting manufacturers’ and also lighting suppliers' “greedy push” toward clients in the region, who end up spending 10 times more than necessary. Beyond being bad from an economic point of view, the excessive use of lighting fixtures also ruins the look of a building’s facade and harms the environment by wasting energy.

Why should building owners invest in façade lighting?

They should invest in a good lighting design done by professional lighting designers because the correct light is able to add value. Surrounding the building with the best light and expressing the architectural importance to reflect a positive image.

Why are you participating at the Windows, Doors & Facades Event and what can visitors expect to learn at your session?

It is expected to have a broad range of professionals involved in the event that is not connected with the lighting industry specifically. I am very keen to engage with them and to feel how they will react to my session.

About Rodrigo Roveratti -

Rodrigo arrived in Dubai in 2007 from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden with a highly regarded Master’s Degree in Lighting Design.

During the last eleven years in Dubai he has been working on a large spectrum of projects where he’s gained substantial experience in designing projects within the region.

Early in 2018, he opened my own design studio – "La Luz Lighting" to continue showing his unique way of working with lighting throughout the Middle East.

Initially educated in Architecture and Urban Planning at Pontiff Catholic University of Campinas in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he took an interest in lighting design while promoting parties at the university campus in Brazil.

In 2002, he enrolled at Queensland University of Technology to specialize in lighting design. Prior to his studies in Stockholm, he’s worked at a lighting design company in Brisbane – Australia where he accumulated design experience in hospitality, residential interior, master planning and urban usage projects. 

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